Lehte Hainsalu “Jõulukellad”

Valged on põõsad ja valge on lumi.
Valge mu mõte ka.
Üle härmatand maa
kõrgete kellade kumin.

Kuulan hardalt ja keeletult,
olen pisem ja arem.
Ning ma tahaksin
olla enesest parem.


Valikkogust “Laul kindaid üles harutades” (2008)
leidis Ülle Nemvalts


One Reply to “Lehte Hainsalu “Jõulukellad””

  1. Hello Lehte Hainsalu,

    A few years ago we vist the Baltic states at our summer Holliday. I do live in The Netherlands and I am a singer in a choir named “Spirit”, in which we do sing in about 35 languages. I bought a book with choir music and an Estonian guide helps me with pronunciation. Many of the songs listed in the book are also on you-tube video’s. Unfortunately I didn’t succeed to find a video with the song “Valge laul”.

    Could you give a link to a video or audio recording or would you comment an audio recording from our choir?

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