Anon “Riddle song”

I have a young sister far beyond the sea:
Many be the dowries that she sent me.

She sent me the cherry withouten any stone;
And so she is the dove withouten any bone;

She sent me the briar witouten any rind;
She bade me love my lemman without longing.

How should any cherry be withoute stone?
And how should any dove been withoute bone?

How should any briar been withoute rind?
How should love mine lemman without longing?

When the cerry was a flower then had it  no stone;
When the dove was an egg then had it no bone;

When the briar was onbred then had it no rind;
When the maiden hath that she loveth she is without longing.

Leidis Halliki Jürma


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